Commercializing Technologies & Creating Investable Companies

The New Mexico Start-Up Factory™ is bringing laboratory technologies to market. In our innovative model we work with scientists looking to commercialize their technologies. Through our program, technologists are coached through validation of the technology and market, and are then paired with the right management team. A commercialization and business plan/model is formed and if all signs point to a sound market and promising technological development, a company is formed. 

Companies and scientists who successfully complete the educational piece of the program are open to investment from the Start-Up Factory™ Fund.

“Some scientists do want to leave the lab to commercialize technology, but most generally don’t, so this program helps extract their knowledge and get it out to the market through experienced entrepreneurs who can take their ideas forward.”


Keeping Innovation and Talent in New Mexico

We support local entrepreneurs to secure the funding they need to grow as a company. We utilize local resources and build strong teams which enable the scientists to focus on product development.

Support from Start to Finish- We Care About Details

Our team members pay special attention to the details of every project to ensure the advancement of technology development along with business development. We assist with project management, infrastructure implementation and financial analysis.

Technology Transfer can be hard. You can trust our team to do the job right.