ORC Tech, LLC is currently has recently licensed a promising technology from NASA Johnson Space Center: Portable Wireless Signal Booster.  It increases signal strength for commercial and personal use wireless products. Originally designed to improve communications for lunar missions, this lightweight portable device can boost incoming signals to improve local reception for cell phones, laptops, satellite and WiFi internet receivers without the need for power plugs, cables or batteries.

Elroy SPAC is developing a UNM Rainforest Innovation technology focused on the validation of GTPase activity assay as a clinical decision support for sepsis diagnosis and antibiotic stewardship.  The innovation’s G-Trap assay is a patented multiplex, bead-based effort-binding assay that has already received validation through several development-based accomplishments.

GPER G-1 is a drug discovery and development company with the primary goal of advancing pre-clinical development of novel drug candidates that modulate the G-Protein Coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER). The lead drug candidate is G-1 (TespriaTM), which is a GPER agonist to treat obesity through weight loss, and to reverse diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Osazda Energy provides materials engineering solutions to improve solar cell and solar module reliability with specialized metal matrix composites that have been proven to electrically bridge stress-induced cracks that appear in solar cells over time.

T-Neuro is an Alzheimer’s biomarker and therapeutic company. The company focuses on the T-cell contribution to the pathology of the disease. This T-cell response can be detected in blood as an early diagnostic tool and blocked as a therapeutic avenue.

MNT SmartSolutions is a biotech company that is engineering sustainable, modern “smart” materials, with unique electronic and magnetic properties for the advancement of science and medicine. These novel materials are effective in treating periodontal disease and gingivitis by reaching the bacteria beneath the gum line in a non-invasive and ecofriendly application. The technology also has great potential as a topical anti-bacterial treatment for wounds, abrasions and virtually any application in which antimicrobial action is sought.

Enthentica is developing a new hardware and software security systems platform to protect hardware from hackers. A physical unclonable function, or PUF, is a “digital fingerprint” that serves as a unique identity for a semiconductor device such as a microprocessor.

Lotus Leaf Coatings manufacturers and distributes superhydrophobic and superhydrophillic coatings to either attract or repel moisture depending on the useage.

Customers need a device which can generate electricity without batteries or access to the electric grid. Green Charge 505 has created a patent pending device “Air Serve” that can power essential communication and computer devices using a novel air charge electrical generation system. The device is recharged using the attached hand/foot pump or by using a bicycle pump to recharge the air canister.